Zara Liddell AKA Ya-Ya is a graduated fashion communication and promotions student. An organised creative hybrid who doesn't confine herself to one practice; delving into art direction, styling, film photography, trend forecasting, illustration & graphics. Her signature style is bold and impactful with a strong focus on womxn empowerment. Her aesthetic has developed from her love of music, predominantly female hip-hop, nostalgic video games & films. All of which were prevalent growing up, honing in on the late 90's and noughties aesthetic.  
    Zara cares deeply about the environment and the impact human consumption has upon the planet especially within fashion. She is an avid thrift shopper and implements this into her styling process by only uses second hand pieces. Her goal is to inspire others to dress sustainably and impact necessary change within the industry, all while staying unapologetically herself.  


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