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Would you like a custom made drawing of you or someone you know?! of course you do ♥

amazing gift idea or a treat made lovingly for you! 

What you'll get with your order: 

- a digital download of your image 

- an A4 print on textured recycled paper

Sounds good right? 

What I need from you: 

Please fill out the form below and choose your price bracket; £69, £79, £89 and custom. Please include as much detail as possible in how you'd like your drawing. Once you have submitted, Zara will get back to you swiftly and you'll be able to share images for reference and organise payment and delivery. Please allow up to 3 weeks from initial payment to receive your order. 

♲ Your design will be handprinted on Ellie Poo paper - don't worry it doesn't smell! This paper is made from 75% UK post consumer waste and 25% dung from Sri Lankan elephants. The dung is collected, cleaned and turned into pulp by local communities. 5% of profits are reinvested back into the country to provide skills training, local employment, education and support to Sri Lanka's villagers. Ellie Poo paper provides an economic incentive for elephant conservation - fyi there's only 3000 left in the wild. Any carbon created has been offset by Zara to ensure as little impact is being done to the environment. 


Thank you - Zara will get back to you a$ap ♥

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